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When Life Gives You Brown Bananas, Make Icecream!


Do you toss your bananas away when they get too ripe for your liking? Shame on you! Don’t be so ageist.  Those brown herbaceous fruits are just as nutritious as their younger selves.  Infact, they’re perfect for making ice cream.  Yes, ice cream.  One hundred percent dairy free, healthy ice creamy cream.

All you’ll need is:

  • Bananas (Preferably BROWN and ripe. They taste sweeter.)
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Food Processor (Apparently they make specific gadgets for this type of thing, but I think that’s crap.  A food processor or blender work just fine.)

 First, take your aging beauties and slice them up.  This will make it easier for you later, because you will need to freeze them!



Put them in a container and pop that baby in the freezer! (They’ll stay good frozen for a couple months.)


Once they’re frozen, grab your food processor and vanilla extract.



Dump your nanners in the food processor and keep them on the spin cycle for a bit.  I add a splash of vanilla once I have a bit of a custard consistency.



Once you get to this creamy consistency, you’re ready to serve it. (And serve immediately! This melts much faster than actual ice cream.)


I added some mini chocolate chips because duh. (You can also add some peanut butter into the food processor. Now there’s an idea!) AND LOOK HOW CREAMY.  That is ice cream. But better. And you were about to throw those bananas away! What a fool you would have been!

I think we’ve learned a very important lesson today. Ageism is a serious issue in our society. So stop it. Freeze your ripe bananas and make ice cream instead.

– Hannah


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