Darn straight Hannah! I cannot begin to explain how proud I am of you. What you did on your trip was something I could not have done. The shear fact that you went, struggled, fought, and beat many of your fears. I explain dealing with anxiety and ocd as an actual fight. The amount of mental and physical exhaustion panic attacks and ocd causes is staggering. At the end of the day we feel beat up literally. The good thing is saying to yourself when feeling all beat up “you should see the other guy.”! You kicked some anxiety and OCD ass! Sure you are exhausted and stumbled but you did it. You made it there and you made it back. That is a win!

I am very glad to have met you and become good friends. It is crazy to think how different we may appear yet how similar we really are. Proud to be a part of your life and seeing you progress. It is awesome! Keep it up! If you stumble I am not hard to get a hold of.